10 Quick Ways To Get A Dose Of Inspiration

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Most of us have figured out the importance of finding inspiration in our lives. I know I certainly have (and not always the easy way either). Plus, it makes life so much easier to have some go-to inspiration tricks up your sleeve.

To me, inspiration is like millions of invisible hope particles that surround us or as Bobby Boucher (The Water Boy) might have described it, “Little rays of sunshine that come down when you’re feeling blue.” But don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be down to enjoy a good dose of inspiration.

Inspiration can help you realize your most highest potentials, like achieving your dreams and aspirations, plus inspiration allows you to take action in a way that’s intuitively right for you and your wellbeing.

Both inspiration and inspired action are extremely important in achieving happiness, so I’ve put together ten ways to get your inspiration fix in a flash!


Inspiration Dose #1. Be Positive

Being positive allows you to attract more positive circumstances into your life and positive circumstances are certainly inspirational, right?  Right! Believe me, I understand that it’s easier said than done. But when you repetitively think positive thoughts, you rewire your brain to produce more and more positive feelings, so it becomes even easier to stay positive.


Inspiration Dose #2. Be Self-Encouraging

What you tell yourself sets the tone for what you attract and how others treat you in life too. A little positive pep talk goes a long way in boosting your motivation and self-confidence, plus you’ll always have a dose of inspiration handy with this method.


Inspiration Dose #3. Know What You Want

Knowing what you want is motivating in itself because it prevents confusion from setting in and reeking havoc. Confusion can feel so darn frustrating at times so when you know what you want, you’ll know where you’re headed and you’ll feel inspired to get there.


Inspiration Dose #4. Forget About Failure

Failure is not really failure because it’s always a stepping stone to success. You gotta reach success some kind of way, so your perceived failures are actually providing you with the practice and experiences that you need to reach your greatness. So try to forget about failure altogether and try to focus on the changes that you would like to see happen instead.


Inspiration Dose #5. Let Go

Sometimes letting go and just allowing life to unfold is actually allowing fate to unfold. Experiencing life from a place of objectivity gives you the opportunity to get in touch with the facts as you take a step back from your thoughts and your emotions. This gives you the space to let a higher, inspirational power guide you.


Inspiration Dose #6. Slow Down & Just Breathe

We all need a break from time to time and slowing down allows you to avoid burn out. Taking deep breaths calms and soothes you as you are brought back into the present moment. This will allow you to hit the reset button whenever you need to.


Inspiration Dose #7. Listen To Or Read About People Achieving Great Things

Sometimes relating to inspirational people can have a huge effect on your psyche and connecting with inspiring people can also be contagious. It’s like you too become motivated to do great things just by the powerful words of another!


Inspiration Dose #8. Learn Something New

Learning something new can be really exciting no matter what age you’re at. Inspiration is always lurking in new places that have yet to be discovered by you. Plus, learning new things will allow you to build your skill set as you flex those brain muscles. And it’ll help you to be well rounded too.


Inspiration Dose #9. Just Do It!

Taking guided action can feel both empowering and inspiring because it moves you closer to accomplishing your goals. When you are prepared to act then you are prepared to move forward in your life. This keeps things fresh and new, plus it keeps you from getting stuck as you make room for more inspiration to flow through you.


Inspiration Dose #10. Play! 

Life doesn’t always have to be hectic, serious or scheduled. Fun is an important part of our natural human nature and it’s something that we still need even as adults. Getting some play time in is a great stress reliever that can really get your creative juices flowing as you use your imagination, get your body moving or live your joy.


So, as you can see from these ten ideas above, a little quick inspiration can give you the much needed strength, endurance, and feel good moments to create your optimistic reality. Inspiration can make impossible things possible so go ahead and allow a dose of inspiration to take over.


Best Wishes


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