3 Simple Benefits Of Staying In The Present Moment

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Ever experience trouble staying in the present moment? I used to.


With so many things competing for our attention each day like social media, work, home life, and every day responsibilities altogether, staying in the present moment can prove to be arduous when all you long to do is escape from current pressing matters.


Staying in the present moment, often called mindfulness, is a sacred opportunity that allows us to live life more deeply and fully. Mindfulness can be defined as paying attention to the present moment in a mindful and purposeful way, while releasing all judgement, fear and resistance.


These days, more and more people are practicing mindfulness techniques and exercises on regular, daily basis. These techniques include regimens like deep breathing exercises, meditation and daily gratitude. There are so many benefits that come with being mindful and staying in the HERE and NOW and I’ve listed three of my favorite benefits here below.


Benefit #1. You Become More Observant

Did you know that staying in the present moment increases your concentration and strengthens your brain by giving it a much needed workout?

Yep! Mindfulness is like cardio, but for the brain.


Becoming more observant allows you to fully process your current circumstances and experiences because you are better prepared to take in more information, making you better prepared to make informed decisions.


And by being observant in the now, you more fully experience your senses and the physical reality of life. This allows you to interpret the more fluid meanings of your experiences and grasp beyond the surface.


Benefit #2. You Increase Your Self-Awareness

As you increase your self-awareness your inner voice becomes even more clear to hear and understand because it allows you to receive guidance, insight and follow your intuition like never before.


And when your inner voice becomes more clear to you, you are more easily able to uncover your inner needs… resulting in emotional satisfaction as you learn to meet your own needs instead of being dependent on others to meet them. Increased self-awareness also allows you to know how to appropriately respond to situations as they arise, which in turn manifests in taking confident actions.


Benefit #3. You Experience Less Anxiety

Research shows that stress accounts for the third highest of health care expenditures. Staying in the present moment and practicing mindfulness can reduce stress by positively impacting the brain. And guess what else? It’s also been shown to boost the immune system, improve concentration and enhance those positive emotions for creating well-being and happiness. How’s that for cutting down on stress and anxiety?!


Being mindful and staying in the present moment does not have to be foreign for you. It could be as simple as paying close attention to your breathing or observing your thoughts and feelings. The benefits of staying in the present moment are not only valuable, but they can be life altering, bringing really great things with it. The positive effects can be long lasting and have the power to transform your life for the better for years and years to come.


Action Steps:

Take a moment to observe and process life in the present moment, right here and now.

Allow yourself to take it in fully without judgement. Take in a deep breath as you inhale for a few seconds and then slowly exhale as you release any tension that you may be feeling. This allows you to reset and renew. Mindfulness is just that simple!


Best Wishes



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