4 Ways To Align With Your Desires

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Have you ever been in alignment with something that caused you to feel an amazingly great and exciting feeling of accomplishment, celebration or pure joy? Well I think they call that sweet victory! Personally, I absolutely love the feeling of victory. No matter how big or small the accomplishment, I love to celebrate the triumphs of life. And when we align with our desires, it allows us to experience these very triumphs.

So what exactly does it mean to be in alignment with your desires? When you are in alignment with something it means that every part of you, every part of your being is ready to manifest and experience your desire. There are many things that can prevent us from being in alignment with our desires and this is called resistance. I’m guilty of resistance sometimes too, I must admit. Like how I am currently undecided on what kind of furniture that I want right now. At first, I thought I wanted something traditional and formal, but now I’m leaning more towards something really cozy, comfy and family friendly. And guess what? Because I can’t decide on what kind of furniture that it s that I really want at this time…no new furniture for me just yet! Bummer…right?

Because my desire of owning new furniture may be a little more on the lighter side, you may be thinking that this isn’t really a big deal at all, huh? But aligning with our desires is always a big deal because it equals total HAPPINESS! So what are some ways that we can get in alignment with our desires more easily and let go of resistance?


1. Create Positive Thoughts – Our thoughts can definitely make or break us. Positive thoughts can raise you to new heights while negative ones can send you spiraling out of control into depression.


2. Speak Positive Words – Ever heard the saying, words have power? Words can either construct or destroy. They can either be used to tear one down or build yourself up.


3. Take Positive Actions – Our actions are utterly important because they prove who we are ready to be and what we are ready to experience in our lives. Without action, our thoughts and words stay mere aspirations.


4. Let Go of Fear – Sometimes we can be hesitant to align with our desires because of fear. It can be a fear of the unknown, a fear of change, a fear of not feeling in control or a even a fear of making the wrong decision. The list can go on and on when it comes to fears. The bottom line is to face your fears by finding the root cause of them and then healing or changing any limiting beliefs.


Our thoughts, our words, our actions and our fears all have the power to create our reality be it good or bad because they’re all a form of energy!  These forms of energy can vibrate at a negative frequency or a positive one, so why not try and make yours positive? Yep, I think I’ll do the same as well, in the meantime. Best of wishes!

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  1. Great article! You can tell the author of the articles are well informed and has a positive spin on getting your life on the right track!

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