4 Simple Ways To Become More Authentic Now

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Deep down in all of us is something extraordinary… something powerful that was meant to be expressed. It’s called authenticity. Authenticity is all about open self-expression. It’s about having the courage to be who you truly are while celebrating your uniqueness.

I must admit that authenticity is one of my most used words and I find myself using it a whole lot. Maybe it’s because I really value being authentic. I remember a time when I wasn’t so authentic because I thought it would keep people in my life if I pretended to be someone else, someone that I considered to be more acceptable. So I pretended to be perfect. Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I am a recovering perfectionist. What that means is that I HAD to be perfect…and I had to be perfect often! I guess I thought that the “real me” wouldn’t be as accepted. I had a lot of human flaws (and still do) and I was very judgmental of myself.

Life wasn’t very fun in those days, now that I look back on it. Life was very rigid and filled with endless rules. Little did I know then, that there was just no way that I could continue to live my life that way and continue to be healthy at the same time. I became really stress prone and even developed anxiety. That was the beginning of me being willing to take an inner journey to find out who I really was, who I really wanted to be and what experiences brought authentic joy into my life.

So how can you do the same without being forced by negative circumstances? Here goes…

1. Know That You’re Awesome!
No matter what your past looks like, no matter what unresolved issues that you may have, there is always a spark of awesomeness within.

2. Know That You’re Here to Learn
Life is a work in progress, the longer you live the more you change.

3. Master Self-understanding
The more that you learn about yourself, the more control you will have in discovering true happiness in your life.

4. Have Self-Compassion
As an adult, we are our own primary caregivers. Self-compassion can really help you through difficult events in your life and it also allows you to squash negative self-criticism.


Being your authentic self equals freedom on so many levels. So there you have it folks, 4 simple ways that you can start becoming more authentic right now!


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