Meditation Brings Answers

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I remember a time before I ever began meditating… a time of uncertainty, self doubt, pain, sorrow, lots of darkness and life depleting anxiety accompanied by frequent panic attacks. The pace of life had become way too hectic for me to keep up with and I felt like I was constantly walking through quicksand, being drug down deeper and deeper with every step that I took.

During that time, I was desperately looking for answers in my life. I wanted life to be better…a lot better, so I searched for answers in other people, in my career and in many other things outside of myself. I remember many dark nights of the soul, crying out for answers. I knew that something was not right and that this darkness could not possibly be what I had come here to Earth to experience. Shortly after this time I was guided by a higher power, to the practice of meditation…and boy did it change my life.

Meditation became a safe haven for me and I began to practice it on a daily basis. The results were transformational, to say the least. For me, meditation slowed down life’s hectic pace, which actually allowed me to grasp each life experience and be present in each moment, but not be consumed by them. It brought deeper meaning to my daily life and in my interactions with others. It also became a way for me to recover from psychological exhaustion, mental tension and sorrow. Both my anxiety and panic attacks began to subside as I finally started to follow my inner guidance by making choices that were right for me, for once in my life. I became more open minded in life, more intuitive and I was even able to respond to life’s circumstances instead of reacting to them. And I learned that I was not a powerless victim of life’s crazy lessons as I began to honor myself by living in my divinity.

Meditation is a technique that can help you develop clarity, emotional positivity, and help you see the true nature of things through stillness of the mind. The practice of consistent meditation allows one to cultivate a new, more positive way of being through peaceful and energized states of mind. These experiences can often feel both euphoric and transformative. Below is a darn good introductory meditation technique for beginners.


…Meditation Technique Explained

1. First, sit or lie comfortably (some people like to sit with their legs crossed Indian style).

2. Next, close your eyes and take several deep breathes.

3. Then, focus your attention on your breathing without trying to control its pace as you allow yourself to empty your mind by thinking of nothing at all. And if your mind does begin to wander, you can simply return your focus back to your breath.

4. Now, try to maintain this meditation practice for two to three minutes to start, and then maybe try it a bit longer each time thereafter.

*Some people find it very helpful to use chants or mantras during meditation as a point of channeled focus.


Once you complete your own research you will discover that there are many different meditation techniques out there, so try not to overwhelm yourself deciding which one is right for you. They all are usually pretty pleasant, resulting in a deep relaxation and peace!

The answers that we seek in life may not always come from an intellectual place. Sometimes we receive flashes of insight because of our readiness for the answer itself, but getting quiet and going deep within through meditation always allows us to receive those answers with clarity.

~ Many blessings to you! ~

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