Power Struggles & The Emotional Vampires Who Thrive Off Of Them

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Power struggles can sneak up on you like a thief in the night. And the worst part about them is when you didn’t even have a clue that you were in the mist of one, until it bites into your energetic supply and drains you slowly.

The initiator of the power struggle is usually an unknowingly emotional vampire who gets their jollies from manipulating others through withholding or passive aggressive behavior. This type of person usually fears that if they just ask for what they need then they will be rejected or denied, so they use some pretty clever subtle tactics to draw people in, only to repeat a very ingrained, dysfunctional and narcissistic behavioral pattern…Lord bless em.

Power struggles are methods of control used by those who want to feel more powerful. It’s sad because people aren’t usually born this way, but some develop these strategies as coping mechanisms instead of healing what went wrong in their lives or by developing new belief systems.

Unfortunately, emotional vampires are stuck in a vicious cycle of needing constant energy from outside sources to fill a void that never seems to get filled no matter what. These people or usually in a constant crises, self-loathing, self-pity or anger mode because their negative energy and unhealed drama usually attracts these difficult situations to them. And because they do not know how to create their own positive energy flow, they find others with lighter energy to feed off of.

The best thing to do if you find yourself in an energetic power struggle is to slowly back away, retrieve your energy back from the situation and watch as the universe opens up new and better doors for you!

Power struggles can be a lesson for all involved. When you say no to power struggles then you say yes to postive emotions, freedom and an open heart, which attracts the very best things in life.

Many blessings to you!



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