Process Your Emotions Naturally With These 3 Steps

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When you think of processing your emotions, what comes to mind? Do you get excited, like “I GOT THIS?” Or do you totally cringe at the thought of it?


Everyday life can feel downright emotional at times, and on any given day you may be likely to feel both emotional highs and emotional lows. It can get tricky trying to keep up with all those emotions on a regular basis. I mean, who can really keep up with how many times a day that they feel joy, love, disappointment or fear? Or how many times you feel relieved?


Even though you are capable of feeling tons of different emotions, it’s the uncomfortable ones that may be troublesome to process. But that could be any emotion depending on the person feeling it.


You see, not everyone is able to process emotions like love, joy and elation, just as some people have hard times processing emotions such as sadness grief and pain. This is why it’s important for you to know how to process ALL emotions and the steps below will walk you through it.


Here goes…


Step 1. Identify Your Emotions As They Arise.

You are responsible for your emotions at all times, and when you are able to identify what you are feeling, you learn to validate your emotions. When you fail to identify your emotions, you fail to own up to them, causing them to get withheld and lodged in your energy field.


These stuck, unprocessed emotions create blockages in your energetic pathways and eventually your life until the emotions are processed. Unfortunately, this can manifest itself as unpleasant bodily and psychological symptoms.


To prevent this, you will need to begin to process your emotions by identifying what it is that you are feeling. You may need to take a few deep breaths before you do this, then name the emotion that you’re feeling, for example: joy, sadness, excitement, fear, shame etc. When you do this, you allow yourself to acknowledge what it is that you are truly feeling.


Step 2. Accept Your Emotions Without Judgement

Your feelings can be deeply influenced by your thoughts and your perceptions. The way you perceive an event serves as a filter for your experience of that particular event and it shapes corresponding feelings based on your perception.


That’s why it’s important not to judge your experiences or your emotions. When you judge your emotions, you are denying them. This is harmful because these emotions will not go away until they are processed, they only become stuck, stagnant energy.


Instead, try to acknowledge what you are feeling by accepting your emotions as they arise. Silently affirm that you accept your emotions, then you can go on to work through those emotions in a natural way. To accept your emotions without judgement is to free yourself to make any necessary changes that need to be made.


Steps 3. Decide What You Should Do About Your Feelings

After you have identified your emotions and accepted them without judgement, it’s time to figure out the message of your feelings. Your feelings will always tell you SOMETHING.


And because you’re a powerful creator of your own reality, you’ll need to take action in some type of way, once you’ve figured out that message. The messages of your feelings and your emotions will usually tell you the actions you need to take, for example:


  • Solve An Issue
  • Change Something
  • Heal Something
  • Grieve Something
  • Accept Something
  • Grow In Some Way
  • Appreciate Or Enjoy Something


Now, don’t get me wrong, it may take you some time to feel and eventually process your emotions, but the end goal is always to take some type of action.


Keeping your feelings bottled up inside can be unhealthy in the long run. Processing your emotions is a natural way of life and is pretty darn important for living a healthy, optimistic lifestyle.


Action Steps:

Become a pro at processing your emotions!


Use the Emotional Mindfulness Sheet here>> to help you through any difficult emotions as they arise, and you’ll become a pro in no time.


Best Wishes!


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  1. Very helpful post . I really happy to read this. It has helped me to change my perception. Thanks a lot ot for your post…

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