When Transformation Calls

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Ever get that feeling that the old “you” is on the verge of no longer existing? And is it just me or does the inner voice get louder and louder as this begins to happen? It’s like something deep down inside is dying to break free like an old episode of  The Incredible Hulk  and won’t stop until it’s dream is REALIZED.

Ahhhh…the call of transformation!


Life most certainly needs some revamping from time to time and sometimes a small change here and there just won’t quench the thirst of regeneration. This is usually the part of breaking free from something or someone in some form or another.


It could be a dream that must be let go of, or even people and/or places that no longer quite define who you’re becoming. Some people actually do like to hold on to things that no longer serve them, like clinging on to mom’s leg for dear life on the 1st day of kindergarten. But not me.


Being a Scorpio and all, I must admit, I have a secret affinity for an occasional revamping or two and I’m usually the catalyst for these changes. Truth be told, I like to see my life changing into something completely new, right before my very own eyes. It’s kinda like transforming into a butterfly I guess, brand spanking new from the cocoon, where people are prone to get whiplash from watching you make all the rapid changes that you’ve made in such a short period of time. 


But it’s not just for the sake of change. I don’t like to change if it’s pointless, there’s pretty much always an underlying purpose in it, for me. It could be something pulling and tugging at me on the inside or something that I know will be very rewarding upon it’s completion. Either way, I have to feel that it’s going to lead to an amazingly new and improved version of me-ness. So, what about you? Ever get that feeling that the “old you” is on the verge of no longer existing? 

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