The Past Doesn’t Have To Be Your Future

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“Let go of the past and go for the future.”

-Henry David Thoreau


We all can remember or recall certain things from our past. Some good and others maybe not so good, right? One thing’s for sure, the past always has its way of lingering on…just hanging around somewhere in the background waiting for the right moment that it will get its chance to tell its story and make its presence known. And sometimes it likes to relive its story, over and over again it seems.

And it’s because of this, that we sometimes choose to analyze past situations obsessively,  in hope that we can somehow protect ourselves from the pain of making the same mistakes. I guess it’s a general human concept that if we hold on to the past and the pain of it, then we will be hesitant to make the same mistakes again. But just how safe is that concept?

Too often we hold on to the past and the pain of it, for far too long. This only leads to more pain because holding on to the past can cause you to miss out on opportunities that are in front of you right now! The coast may even be clear now, only you don’t realize this because your vision and perception is focused on the past, not the now.

Your life can become an illusion in this way. It’s like constantly wearing blinders where nothing is really what it seems. And do you know what the greatest harm in that is? It’s the fact that you totally miss out on creating a new story and a new future for yourself!

But how can you create a new story for yourself when you’ve experienced certain things over and over again? Well, you can start with the understanding that everything that happens to you, everything that you experience and everything from your past once served a purpose or taught you a valuable lesson. And once you’ve learned that lesson, once its purpose has been served, then you are free to let go of the past and let go of the pain.

You see, pain is never meant to be a heavy bag of burden that we carry around with us for the rest of our lives and it’s not a life sentence of oppression. It’s about paying close attention to the red flags that get waived every time something is not for your highest good. And it’s about doing something about them.

It’s like touching a hot stove when you’re unaware that the stove is hot. The lesson may be for you to pay more attention to your surroundings and if you do not learn that lesson then you may keep getting burned. But at any moment you can simply learn the lesson involved and then you can stop the painful experience…just like that! Just because you felt the pain of burning your hand on that hot stove when you weren’t paying close attention to your surroundings, doesn’t mean that you’re destined to keep burning your hand for the rest of your life. When the lesson is learned then the circumstances become different. And in this way, you become free from your past. You become free to create a new story and a new future for yourself.

As painful as any experience may be, always be willing to learn the lessons involved because once you change your circumstances then you change your life. Then the painful situation and its pain can subside. Best of wishes to you!






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  1. Great article! I’m learning too go of the past and to prevent it from hindering my future and well as my present! Such a great article and inspiration!

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